Introducing the luxurious deluxe double champagne cooler

That’s right, it is new product time again! I think you lot might be getting the hang of this, and for October we have something very special. The deluxe double champagne cooler with stand – and it looks as good as that in real life too!

What you see before you is highly polished stainless steel and doesn’t it look great! The stainless steel we have chosen to use for this deluxe double champagne cooler is of the highest quality, undergoing an intense level of polishing during the manufacturing process. Your double cooler should stay looking as shiny and luxurious as the day you got it, if it looses a little shine all you need to do is give it a clean and a polish and it is back to its best!

The design of the deluxe double champagne cooler is excellent, with a touch of modernity and glamour to the stand and a hint of past period architecture with the shape of the tub and eloquent handles on both sides.

As it is made from high grade stainless steel it is particularly durable, this stand should last you years rather than months. The stainless steel , insulated tub, on the top of the stand will also keep your chosen champagne or wine cool for hours.

As any hotelier, bar or restaurant owner will tell you: it is the fine details, the little things, that convince people of the level of quality of an establishment. This is the deluxe double champagne cooler, it was created with the highest quality, and most revered establishments in mind. Standing at the perfect table height it is the perfect height to just reach over and easily lay your hands on your bottle of bubbly.

We call it the double champagne cooler, however depending on the size of your bottles you can most likely fit at least three in the tub along with plenty of ice. Coming with an inbuilt weighted stand, you do not have to worry about this beautiful piece becoming top heavy and toppling over.

As the tub can be easily lifted in and out you can choose to use some or all of the deluxe double champagne cooler. As many of our bowl shaped champagne coolers and wine coolers have been used for other uses – such as fruit bowls for example – we expect that this wine cooler will be used for various other activities as well! With the tub out of the stand it leaves a nice area that could be used to store or display almost anything.

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