Creative Condiments: The Real Star of the Show

Condiments are an unsung hero. A little dollop of ketchup or mayonnaise isn’t just a flavour enhancer, it is an essential component of a meal. For this reason, getting creative with the condiments you serve can really set your bar apart. Here are some creative condiment ideas to elevate your food offering.

House-made sauces

Create signature sauces infused with herbs, spices, or even spirits to complement your dishes. For example, a whiskey-infused barbecue sauce can add a flavourful kick to burgers, chips, or appetisers.

Squeeze Bottles

Artisanal pickles and relishes

Elevate your bar snacks with house-made pickles and relishes. Experiment with pickled vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, or green beans, and offer relishes made from fruits such as mango, peach, or pineapple to add a tangy twist to burgers or hot dogs.

Compound butters

Create compound butters featuring savoury and sweet additions. A variety of herbs, spices, and dried vegetables, such as sun-dried tomato, basil or paprika, are the perfect accompaniment to bread or steak.

Custom mayonnaise dips

Upgrade standard mayo by combining it with bold flavours. Mix it with sriracha, lime, curry powder, roasted garlic or parmesan to serve with chips and sandwiches.

Condiment Holders

Infused oils

Create custom blends of dipping oils infused with herbs, spices, and aromatics. Offer combinations such as rosemary garlic oil, lemon thyme oil, or chili-infused olive oil paired with crusty bread for a flavourful snack or start to a meal.

Global flavours

Introduce your guests to global flavours with exotic chutneys and relishes inspired by international cuisines. Offer options such as mango or coconut chutney to complement dishes like samosas, flatbreads, or grilled meats.

Whether used as a dipping sauce, a topping, or a marinade, creative condiments can create a memorable experience that will keep your guests coming back for more.


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