Copper Is King: Copper Jiggers From Beaumont

Any establishment worth its salt will have jiggers on hand. Much more graceful to use than thimble measures, and designed to be very pleasing to the eye, jiggers add a real feature to the bar and a sense of spectacle when your bar staff display impressive sleight of hand when preparing whatever delicious drink the customer has ordered. Now, with the level of competition between up-market, and for that matter, middle-of-the-road bars, particularly in towns and cities, most are up to speed with the barware they should be using to serve certain drinks, so jiggers are abundant and thriving in 2022.

That being said, not all jiggers are created equal. As you can see, national treasure and ultimate arbiter of good taste David Beckham prefers a copper jigger to measure out his Haig Club, and we like his style. Copper jiggers from Beaumont are seeing a surge in popularity, and for good reason…

Mezclar Banded Jigger

Sleek and stylish, with a warm colour tone that can accompany a wide range of decor, copper provides a modern classic feel that’s a quick ticket to establishing an upmarket brand experience.

Our Mezclar Range represents the absolute cream of the cocktail barware crop, but we also have another copper-aesthetic option for you to consider…

Professional Steel Jigger Copper Plated-Matt

If you don’t need to look quite as visually stunning as England’s former number 7 himself, then a copper-plated steel jigger is a great option and still garners plenty of positive attention from bar-goers.


And if copper isn’t your thing, there’s lots more to choose from in our range of jiggers that’s just as visually stunning as our Copper Mezclar Jigger, and designed for flair bartending that’s bound to wow customers. From the undeniable charm of Antique Brass, to the refined precision of Mezclar Preciso, to the one-of-a-kind, all-out flair of the Grail Jigger, designed by Tom Dyer…

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