Cool service for a (hopefully) hot July

From the 19th of this month, it is expected the last remaining Covid restrictions will begin to be lifted. Although unfortunately too late for some businesses, for many others it will prove a welcome reprive.

For the first time since March 2020, nightclubs will be permitted to reopen, capacity caps will be lifted on businesses, weddings, concerts, theatres, and sporting events. And with it, the hospitality industry may finally start to get back on its feet.

And with the best of the summer months still ahead of us – the timing couldn’t be better. Whether inside or out, when the weather is hot, there is one thing that quenches thirst like no other, an ice cold beverage.

And that’s where we come in…

Here is a taste of a range of service options to keep your customers cool:

25L Steel Beverage Tub

First up is our popular and versatile option for service of bottles, wine or fizz – the 25L Galvanised Steel Beverage Tub. Some the older readers amonst you may even recognise this tub as something you were bathed in as a child – although we can assure you, it is not the case! With a massive 44 pint internal capacity, the tub is easily moved between bar and table with its robust handles and lightweight but well-made design. Efficient, yet rustic, this Tub cooler is the perfect solution for outdoor events and parties.

The ice buckets


If you’re after something a little smaller for the table top, then the good ol’ ice bucket is just the ticket.

Standouts amongst our range of ice buckets are the grooved and tulip stainless steel containers. Both can accommodate two large wine or champagne bottles and are easily cleaned for quick rotation back into service.

The Bollate

Finally, for a touch of opulence this premium Signature collection is known as the Bollate. A bowl cooler boasting an elegant hammered design, it offers a versatile option for serving bottles of all sizes.

When filled with ice this is a centrepiece that delivers the wow-factor for what promises to be a long-awaited summer.


Check out our full range of coolers here

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