Conservation Cocktails: How Creativity will Improve Sustainability

Today’s consumers are not only seeking exceptional taste but also demand beverages that reflect ethical and environmentally conscious practices. Embracing sustainability requires a holistic approach that focuses on sourcing, production, and presentation. By implementing thoughtful strategies, bars can produce cocktails that not only minimise environmental impact but also captivate with their creativity and flavour profiles. So, here are some top tips for becoming more sustainable:

Sourcing Local, Seasonal Ingredients

Start by sourcing ingredients locally and seasonally. By supporting nearby farmers and producers, bars can reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation while ensuring the freshest flavours. This can also provide a great USP for your location by giving your cocktails an edge with specific ingredients and flavours.

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Embrace Innovation and Creativity

Bartenders should explore innovative techniques to minimise waste and maximise flavour. Experiment with zero-waste ingredients and ferments and with processes such as distillation, infusion, and carbonation to transform discarded elements into flavourful components of cocktails.

Look beyond conventional ingredients and draw inspiration from nature. Experiment with unfiltered spirits and typically discarded by-products to let the natural flavours and oils shine in cocktails. Think outside the box by incorporating ingredients like goat kefir or mango skins!

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One fascinating new approach is Invasivorism. This uses ingredients that disrupt the natural environment (such as Japanese knotweed!) to create new flavour pairings centred on conservation. By embracing invasive species, bars can not only craft distinctive cocktails and dishes but also contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

Educate and Collaborate

Engage both staff and customers in the journey towards sustainability. Train bartenders on sustainable practices and educate guests about the bar’s commitment to minimising environmental impact. Collaborate with local communities and organisations to amplify sustainability initiatives and foster positive change.

By adopting these practices, bars can transform their cocktail offerings into symbols of sustainability and creativity!


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