Cocktail Chemistry: Getting Creative with the Glass Dropper

Glass droppers might be one of the smallest bar tools, but they really pack a punch! Not only do these magic little bottles store powerful flavours, they are also an immense source of creativity. By offering precise droplets of liquids, they add levels of complexity and intensity. Their versatility makes them ideal for precise garnishing, crafting layered drinks, and intricate cocktail art.

The glass dropper should give you the confidence to experiment with flavours and combinations. Here are some key extraction techniques that are worth familiarising yourself with to take your cocktail recipes to the next level:


Maceration is the process of soaking solid ingredients like fruits, herbs, or spices in an alcohol, water, or vinegar. The process can range from hours to weeks, depending on the desired intensity. Glass droppers can be used for precise application of these flavours without overpowering the drink.


Infusion involves steeping ingredients in spirits. It’s the ideal process for infusing subtle herbal or floral notes into spirits. This method means you can create custom spirits for signature cocktails. Glass droppers ensure that the perfect balance can be created in cocktails drop by drop.


Fat-washing is a technique that infuses spirits with fats like bacon grease, butter, or coconut oil. Once the mixture is chilled, the solidified fat is removed. This technique adds depth and texture, making cocktails truly memorable and unique. It can be easy to add too much of these mixtures, so a glass dropper is very useful.


Atomisation involves delicately spraying a fine mist of liquid over cocktails, typically using highly aromatic substances like absinthe or floral essences. This is a great technique to use alongside a glass dropper. The combination of mist and liquid can provide a distinctive and complete taste experience.

Whatever techniques you’re using and combining, being equipped with a glass dropper can take your cocktails to the next level!


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