Climate Conscious Cocktails: Creative tips for environmentally friendly fun!

The 2023 Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report found that high-end bartenders are increasingly concerned with reducing waste and sourcing sustainable ingredients. Whilst this might not sound like the most exciting industry trend, it actually provides a great opportunity for distinguishing your bar from others and reducing your costs!

Climate consciousness is increasingly influencing consumer choice. Your guests want to feel good about the choices they’re making (while they’re sipping away) and making environmentally conscious decisions is a great way to do this. Consumers feel so strongly about this that 58% of the people surveyed in Bacardi’s report said they were willing to pay at least 10% more for spirits that stand for sustainability.

It’s now well-publicised that an important step towards sustainability is reducing single-use plastic. Now that plastic straws are banned, we have a great selection of paper and metal straws, that accommodates different themes, settings and colours (because aesthetics still matter of course!).

But there’s much more to think about when crafting sustainable cocktails. Like conserving energy and minimising the use of natural resources. One way to do this is by making the most of ingredients and throwing fewer leftovers away.

Try getting creative with leftovers such as fruit peels and skins. These can be used to create juices or infuse spirits. Not only could you save money on expensive cordials, but you could also develop new and unique creations.

Why not try dehydrating any leftover fruit or making candied citrus slices to create showstopping, edible garnishes? Some bars have stopped garnishing their cocktails to save waste, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These methods reduce waste and produce stunning results, with garnishes that will last for years. Rinds could also be made into attractive garnishes, using a good bar knife and chopping board.

Another great tip is oxidising wine into vinegars and reductions for the kitchen, or syrups for cocktails. White wine syrup goes great with gin cocktails and red wine syrup is suitable for rum and whisky cocktails. Our large bitters bottles might be the perfect vessels for storing these! Or find alternatives such as distillates and shrubs to sour your drinks.


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