Clever Mixing Glasses From Beaumont: Why & When You Need Them

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – shakers are the most iconic piece of barware in the bar person’s arsenal – there’s a reason there’s one front and centre in our logo. Having said this, shakers aren’t right for every recipe, all the time…

Many recipes call for stirring, and for good reason. While shaking will thoroughly mix up your creation, it also aerates the drink, making it cloudy and fundamentally changing the texture. That’s great if it’s what you’re after, but simply not right for some serves. For drinks like the Martini, Negroni, or the Old Fashioned, for instance, it’s important that the stirring process combines the ingredients and chills the mixture right through (by combining with ice), while maintaining the original texture.

If you’re serving one cocktail at a time, you should have no problem mixing a drink in a standard serving glass. But if you’re expecting larger parties (which we hope you are), you’ll need a larger mixing glass to keep up with orders. Beautiful mixing glasses also provide a great sense of theatre and professionalism, especially when combined with a great cocktail spoon…

Mezclar Mixing Glasses From Beaumont

Mezclar is the premium range from Beaumont – representing the absolute cream of the cocktail barware crop. Aptly, Mezclar literally translates from Spanish as “mix” – so the product line is perfectly represented by our beautiful mixing glasses…

Mezclar Mixing Glass 710ml

Our long-shape mixing glass, offering a more modern aesthetic for the upmarket cocktail bar, compared to our other glasses which are cut-finished for a more classic look. Practical, with a sleek edge that’s guaranteed to stun customers.


Mezclar Stemmed Mixing Glass 650ml

Not just an alluring, classic aesthetic – the stemmed glass is also cleverly designed, allowing you to hold the base whilst stirring to prevent your hand from warming the glass. If your serve needs to be extra cold, this is the glass for you…

Mezclar Tulip Mixing Glass 700ml

Another clever design from the minds at Beaumont, the Tulip glass is bottom-heavy, allowing liquid to move more freely in a circular motion around the base, for the most effective mixing process, even when filled high with ice.


Of course, when it comes to mixing, it takes two to tango – a mixing glass is nothing without its spoon – and we have some gorgeous spoons for you to choose from…

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