Clean, tidy and organised – Shot Rail for jiggers, thimble measures and more

The shot rail is the king of cleanliness, the master of mess, the overseer of organisation – in short, it is very good at keeping your front (or back) bar looking clean, sharp, and organised. Essentially a stand-alone caddy, the shot rail is available in 2 different sizes – the 4 shot and the 2 shot, the number relating to how many thimble measures the rail can hold – although thimble measures aren’t the only piece of barware you can keep in your shot rail, jiggers work too.

Whichever way you like your jiggers to sit, they will do so nicely in the shot rail – although not every jigger will be compatible. We have tested it here with our Mezclar banded jigger, our Copper plated 25/35/50ml jigger and the Mezclar Preciso Multi-Measure jigger.

As a mess minimiser, the shot rail is perfect for those of you who like tidiness and order on your bar. It provides a fixed place for your thimble measures, wine measures, or jiggers to live – and therefore an expectation for the measures to be in the shot rail when not being used. As a result, gone (hopefully) are the days of wasting time looking around for a measure to use, every second really does count when it comes to serving on a very busy bar.

Also let’s face it, there isn’t much worse than watching a bartender put a thimble measure face down on a dirty bar, then picking it up and reusing it to measure out your drink. By providing a stainless steel, sloped tray for the thimble measure to live on – the contamination of your jiggers can be avoided, as any excess liquid drips into the purpose-built area below. You will need to remember to empty it every now and then, however!

A sturdy piece of equipment, the shot rail isn’t all about utility. It also looks great with matching steel thimble measures inside. In addition, despite all the different liquids that the shot rail will come into contact with, the stainless steel finish will ensure that it remains strong and without rust for a good, long while.

shot rail

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