Chalk markers, the key to a great looking chalkboard…

Now and then you will see a chalkboard that is worth remarking on, although seen as many as an outdated medium – the chalkboard still has a place in many areas of the business world, particularly as a ‘retro’ and low cost way of attracting and signposting potential customers. A clever chalkboard or a particularly colourful and interesting image on a chalkboard can be the difference between that passerby giving your establishment a chance. It is a well known phenomenon that even if someone is looking for what you sell, they will make a whole host of judgements about whether they want to approach your establishment before they even step in the door. There are many factors that play into this from location, to the signage you have used outside, or the general look and feel of the place. A comical, or colourful chalkboard can make all the difference.

You may be thinking that is all well and good but how on earth am I supposed to paint a Picasso on a chalkboard with fragile pieces of chalk that generally snap when you are using them? The answer is of course our new range of Chalk Pens from Rainbow. Available with a 6mm tip or a 15mm tip, these liquid chalk pens are the perfect replacement for standard sticks of chalk. The nib and design of the pen, coupled with the fact that you working with liquid chalk allow for a great deal of more control and therefore artistic autonomy when it comes to creating those beautiful and comical chalkboards.

Here are a couple of our favourites:


Finally, every business wants to stand out from the crowd. So here are some top tips from Rainbow for using chalk markers at home or in your business!


Red –  Every business wants to stand out from the crowd. Be different, be bold. What sets you apart from other businesses? Why not shout about it through liquid chalk pens, catch eyes and draw potential customers into your shop.

Yellow – Cafe owner? Write enticing messages onto your A-board menu to give passers-by a taste of what’s inside your shop!

Green– The great thing about our chalk markers is how easily they clean off. Unlike regular chalk that leaves faint, dusty patches on your chalkboards, the paint from our chalk markers is easily removed with warm water. This means that boards advertising daily offers and sales can be changed quickly and easily, allowing you and your staff to make the best use of your time.

Blue – Are you a freelancer or work from home often? Why not decorate your office space with a chalkboard. Jot down urgent notes with a chalk marker and reap the benefits of staying organised!

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