It has to be up there with Christmas, our birthday, and all the other greatest days of the year – Pina Colada day. It appears at least the weather here in the UK got the memo, it’s almost as if it were summer or something? The Pina Colada is one of the all-time greats when it comes to summer drinks. Ice cold, creamy, and with the tropical flavour of coconut, there aren’t many more things that you need on a hot summers day.

Here at Beaumont TM, we have all the tools you need to make that perfect Pina Colada. From tiki mugs to crushed ice, and the perfect garnishing tool – the pineapple wedger. Before we get to the recipe for the perfect Pina Colada, let’s first explore the key tools you will need to make it:

ODK Coconut Fruit Puree

In our opinion, to get the perfect tasting Pina Colada you need half and half (half milk and half cream), with a high-quality coconut fruit puree. That is where ODK Coconut fruity mix comes in. Made from Sri Lankan coconuts, this is one of the best cocktail coconut products on the market. Perfect for bars, restaurants and other commercial establishments, it comes in ODK’s unique packaging that makes it easy for bartenders to use. No decanting required, just give it a shake, pop the cap and pour. With unbeatable freshness, don’t worry if you don’t get through many Pina Coladas. ODK’s fruit purees will stay fresh for 3 months once opened and can be stored for a minimum of 2 years on the shelf, unopened.


Beaumont Ice Crusher

Next on the list of integral cocktail tools for making the perfect Pina Colada is our portable ice crusher. That’s right we said portable, which technically means you can make your Pina Coladas anywhere. Just picture that for a moment, Pina Coladas…. anywhere. We imagine most of you will be using the heavy-duty ice crusher behind the bar, however. Still, its portability is a good factor. With no need to plug it in anywhere the heavy-duty ice crusher will make light work of those pesky ice cubes, being able to do so anywhere on the front or back bar. Easy to clean, use and maintain, this ice crusher will ensure the perfect crushed ice for this long summer drink and negate the need for a blender.


Tiki Mugs

It’s all well and good being able to make the perfect Pina Colada but what if you don’t have an equally exquisite way to present it. A truly tropical cocktail, the Pina Colada demands a Tiki Mug. Our new range of Tiki Mugs is just the ticket. Just take a look at the Pina Colada in the headline image, doesn’t it look at home in Tiki? Sturdy and handcrafted, these ceramic Tiki mugs will add a little something special to your range of tropical cocktails.


Pineapple Wedger

No cocktail is complete without a little garnish. After all, we all need a little snack before or after the drink. With the two dominant fruit flavours in a Pina Colada being coconut and pineapple you will quite often find your Pina Colada adorned by a succulent wedge of pineapple. The Pineapple Wedger will make creating multiple wedges of pineapple so simple you will wonder how you ever got on without it. Particularly good for busy bars that need to create new garnish quickly and efficiently, the pineapple wedger will divide up the pineapple into wedges in a few seconds. The only prep that needs to be done is to remove the top and bottom of the pineapple. Pineapple four ways? Why not. The pineapple wedger will actually peel, core, wedge and slice a pineapple. Take your pick.


The Perfect Pina Colada

All that is left now is to share the method and recipe for making that perfect Pina Colada. Here it is along with all the cocktail tools you will need:

Cocktail tools

1 thimble measure or jigger

1 cocktail shaker (tin on tin or tin on glass)

1 cocktail strainer

1 bar spoon (for mixing and measuring)

1 heavy-duty ice crusher

1 pineapple wedger

1 Mexican elbow juicer

A Tiki mug of your choice



50ml half and half (half milk, half cream)

15ml ODK Coconut fruit puree

50ml golden rum

75ml fresh pineapple juice

1-2 tbsp sugar syrup

Juice of ½ lime

Pineapple wedge/slice

Crushed ice for serving and cubed ice for shaking



Add all ingredients, apart from the pineapple wedge and crushed ice, to the cocktail shaker. Fill with cubed ice. Shake well and single strain into your tiki mug. Fill with crushed ice and mix with the bar spoon. Finally, garnish with your pineapple wedge and serve.


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