The alternative to the speed pour & the spirit measure

The Cap On Pourer

With so many bars, restaurants, hotels, and more to choose from when in search of a good drink, standing out from the crowd is important. Therefore you will often see these types of establishments adopting their own themes and styles, creating an atmosphere & a personality that matches their offering and suits their staff. Anything and everything in the bar setting is up for interpretation when trying to stamp your bar with an identity, even down to choosing whether to hang your spirits above the back bar using spirit measures, opt for an arrangement of bottles with free flow pourers, or opt to keep the bottles in their original form – lids and all!

cap on pourer

Beaumont’s intelligently engineered cap on pourer is perfect for the last of those three styles, as it is the only pouring accessory that will fit on to most bottles – without the need to loose the lid. From a bar hygiene perspective this can be really important as keeping the lids on all products is a great way to ensure high standards of bar hygiene and contamination control. The cap on pourer sits just inside the neck of the bottle, popping into place with a little bit of applied force.

cap on pourer

Again, this is great for bars and establishments which prefer to present their spirit bottles with caps and lids on, but still want to be able to pour in a controlled and professional way. The cap on pourer is fantastic for this, creating a very easy to control and accurate stream of liquid from the bottle to the glass – similar to any free flow pourer or speed pourer, but without being visible! Be careful though, some customers may think it is some sort of dark magic!


cap on pourer


The cap on pourer is also a really inexpensive way of kitting out your establishment with professional free flow pourers – that last a very long time – yet cost a fraction of what a typical speed pourer or spirit measure would cost as an equivalent. Convenient and disposable the cap on pourer is perfect for a range of applications, from bars with a lid on style, to temporary outdoor bars and events due to the inexpensive nature of the product. This relative inexpensive pourer versus others means that if the cap on pourer is your style, then it can also represent fantastic value for money.

Also the cap on pourer is made from a very durable plastic that can be reused again and again and will not warp when washed in hot water, representing further reuse value! If you would like to take a closer look at our cap on free flow pourers then please follow the link here:


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