Bottle skips: Black is the new blue?

Bottle skips are integral to anywhere that is serving drinks, this covers not only your typical bar and restaurant settings but also pop-up event producers too. The humble bottle skip ensures that all of your empties have somewhere to live as well as facilitating a quick and easy disposal for when the time comes.

What is the difference between a bottle skip and a bottle bin do I hear you ask? Well, not a lot really. They both do the job of collecting bottles ready for disposal, really well. The main differences are the bottle bin is a smaller vessel and as a result, is good for areas with limited space. Naturally, this means you can’t get quite as many bottles in a bottle bin, as you can a bottle skip. However, the bottle skip also comes fitted with 4 handy wheels to make sure that when you have filled up that massive void with bottles of varying shapes and sizes, you are still able to move the thing!

Without a bottle skip, bar areas will soon fill up with empty bottles – particularly during busy periods. So make your barbacks and glass collector’s lives a little easier and give them somewhere specially designed to dispose of those empty bottles.

Perhaps the element most people appreciate about the bottle skips is the wheels on the bottom. No more will you need to lug out a dangerously full bottle bin, fearful at any moment that it might topple like a tower of Jenga. The bottle skip can easily be wheeled out to your recycling bin and shouldn’t take two pairs of hands to do it. During those busy periods, we know it’s all hands on deck and you need your staff working as efficiently as possible.

Those of you who have purchased a Beaumont TM bottle skip in the past will recognise them as blue. However, it is all change on that front and the new range of bottle skips will come in a sleek and sexy black. All of the bottle skip sizes will still be available ranging from the smallest size at 125 litres, through to 130 litres, 160 litres and our largest, 185 litres. Each of which also varies in shape depending on your preference. You will also notice a subtle change to the side of the black bottle skips, the new range now has purpose-built handles.

Manufactured to the level of quality people have come to expect from Beaumont TM over the years, these bottle skips will hold the prescribed amount and some – without any signs of cracking. As long as you are not throwing the bottle skips down the stairs, you can expect the wheels to remain in working order too. Although if one of your staff is a little overzealous with the bottle skip, we can also supply you with a pack of replacement wheels. After all, accidents happen…


Follow the link to discuss our new range of bottle skips with your local Beaumont TM representative or visit our local distributor page to find the nearest Beaumont TM stockist.

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