The best muddler for the job?

A muddler is an essential bar tool that is used to smash and squash cocktail ingredients, finding the best muddler for the job can be hard. It is used in some of the most popular cocktails such as the Caipirinha, Mojito, and Old-fashioned. Essentially the muddler is nothing more than a bartender’s pestle and they are very easy to use. But once you begin to use our large heavy muddler, you will wonder why you didn’t have one before.

There are a number of reasons why our large, heavy muddler is the best muddler for the job. At 13 inches long it is of a good length, allowing for more control over your muddling, but also it is relatively slim meaning you can muddle in all different sizes of glass and tin, etc. The handle end has been ergonomically designed, so it fits perfectly and comfortably into your hand, which is important if you are having to use the muddler multiple times, or for a prolonged period of time.

best muddler

What is really fantastic about the large, heavy muddler however is not just its size (well size isn’t everything), but also its weight! We call it the heavy muddler because it makes light work of all fruits, herbs, spices, and the sort that cross its path. Fantastic for applications where you may have to make a large number of muddled cocktails, such as caipirinhas, it’s as easy as 1 muddle, 2 muddle, done. There is no need to muddle each caipirinha relentlessly as the heavy, wooden muddler makes light work of the lime wedges in no time – and with little effort. Great for speed bars!

The large, heavy wooden muddler really does give you all the squashing strength you need out of a muddler, without having to exert a great deal of force. The wood is beech, and matures nicely after a few uses as well as being strong – yet flexible enough – to withstand the consistent bashing and banging the average muddler is used for.

The flat, beveled edge design is also quite advantageous, especially when it comes to muddling herbs or spices. As the edge is flat and beveled, no herbs or small pieces of fruit get trapped in the end of the muddler. This makes the muddler very easy to clean and maintain, and also ensures that the majority of what you muddle is staying in the cocktail, and not coming back out with the muddler!


More Tips for Muddling

  • Don’t muddle in a shaker that has a plastic bottom because they are prone to cracking, even under the lightest of pressure.
  • Muddle before adding ice or you are just crushing ice, potentially over diluting the drink, and not properly muddling the ingredients that need it. This is sometimes called the “Portland muddle.”

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