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Brand your Beaumont Barware

Here at Beaumont TM we have been designing and developing a whole manner of barware, catering equipment and more for many years. For as many years Beaumont PPS, our partners in the North, have been developing bespoke branded barware and merchandise, using any and all products in the Beaumont range, for the drinks industry and beyond. It doesn’t matter where you land on the Beaumont spectrum, if your industry is anyway related to the enjoying of fine food, drink and hospitality then Beaumont have you covered.


Our Signature range, as discussed in our previous blog, is perfect for all manner of hotel applications such as hotel bars, hotel suites and bathrooms. With the expertise of Beaumont PPS these carefully designed ice buckets, or champagne coolers from the Signature range can be branded with the hotel name or logo. Although the vast majority of the bespoke merchandise which Beaumont PPS create is for the drinks industry. Similar to Beaumont TM, Beaumont PPS distribute around the world including to countries as close as Belgium and Ireland and as far as Russia and Japan!

Behind the Scenes

Working mainly with the drinks industry at Beaumont PPS ensures that the nature of the business is fast paced and always changing. Big brands in the drinks industry rarely run the same campaign twice and are always reevaluating who they target and how they target them. Beaumont PPS has a team of designers who not only react to the changing desires and wishes of the drinks industry but also proactively suggest new and interesting techniques of reaching the customer.

branded barware

For example, Beaumont PPS are currently working on new and interesting ideas around point of sale merchandise. This is something which unites both Beaumont TM as well as Beaumont PPS, a keen focus on relationship management and the understanding of the importance of a quick turnaround.

Beaumont products in use

Interestingly, some countries are starting to pass legislation on restricting alcohol advertisement, such as not allowing brands to advertise on billboards. This is leading to an increase in branded point of sale merchandise as brands explore different ways of advertising.


branded barware

The most common applications are point of sale merchandise for bars, restaurants and hotels. All of our branded items must have a purpose other than to market the brand in question, for example, some of the most common branded merchandise we create are bar runners, bar caddy’s and spirit measures. The bar runners and caddy’s sit directly on the front bar and are there to keep the bar clean, tidy and attractive – they are also directly in front of the customers line of sight as they make their purchasing decision.


We believe the Beaumont TM manufactured spirit measure is the best in the world and that is why it is such a great seller, the SL measure is the most popular product for both the Beaumont’s. The branded spirit measures look fantastic hanging up behind the bar although we can offer bespoke branding across almost the entire Beaumont TM range.

branded barware

The Neat Glass

Beaumont PPS are also the sole UK distributors of the Neat Glass, which is a very unique type of drinking glass. Essentially a specially designed glass to enhance the sensory experience of tasting and enjoying wines and spirits neat, the Neat glass is a very cool and smart invention.

the neat glass branded merchandise

The Science behind the glass

Around 90% of what is perceived as taste is actually smell, so why let alcohol burn disrupt true appreciation of our whiskies and spirits? Alcohol burn always gets in the way, masking not only pleasant aromas but some of the most important. Using Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology (NEAT), the neck of our glass intensifies the aromas of your whisky or spirit whilst the flares spread the alcohol molecules, separating essences from ethanol.
the neat glass branded merchandise
Giving you, what we call, the ‘sweet spot’ where you can nose without the astringency of alcohol burn. Not only that, the flares also provide a more thorough tasting experience by pouring the liquid all over your palate – as opposed to only in the centre of your taste buds like other conventional glassware. To discover more about the Neat Glass, or to order a sample, then please visit the website: http://www.theneatglass.uk/.

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