The Beaumont Top 10 Trendy Bar Accessories

With so many products for you all to peruse over the last few months we thought it was about time for an update to our top 10 trendy bar accessories. These bar accessories are must haves for any bar, be it a standalone bar, hotel, cafe or club. Sit back, relax and enjoy our top 10:


  1. Spirit measures

First and foremost has to be our most famous product to date, the optic measure. An essential in any bar, they ensure consistency and minimal waste because they guarantee utterly precise measuring of drinks. Your stock will last longer if accuracy is put first, which will then ultimately save you money. We have been the number one supplier of optic measures in the world for 30 years as well as the widest choice available, so take your pick. Our favourite has to be the sleek and beautiful Metrix SL:

spirit measures


2. Brass and chrome glass hangers

Aside from making sure that you have the best bar glassware in town, it is important to make sure that you have the perfect place to store it. Glass hangers along with many other things from the 20th century are really coming back into fashion. Glassware should be stored out of the way but you still need to have easy access to it. The glass hangers represent the perfect solution. Available in Brass and Chrome these glass hangers add a real sense of character to the bar, if you are lacking in headroom however they might not be for you!

top 10 trendy bar accessories

3. Vertical bottle opener and catcher

The king of efficiency and quick service. If you don’t like to fuss, our vertical bottle opener and catcher is perfect for you! It makes removing all bottle caps super easy and it conveniently catches your caps after opening the bottle. You can use one of these anywhere—from outside patios to kitchens and bars. All you need to do is attach it to a flat surface and you’ll be good to go!

top 10 trendy bar accessories

4. Copper Napkin Holders

The napkin holders are designed for bars, hotels and other establishments that do not necessarily require the extra compartments of a caddy but still make use of a napkin, perhaps in service or for the customer to take at a time of their choosing. Designed to be pleasingly simple and square – as opposed to bar caddies, which are always rectangular, we have found that there is something great about a square napkin holder – especially in copper.

These napkin holders can quite easily sit on the front bar for guests, the back bar for staff, or even in a restaurant toilets or hotel lobby.The modern design and the neutral finish ensure they will fit in almost anywhere napkins are needed and are also available in black or chrome.


5. Copper Wine Cooler

Last and by no means least is the copper wine cooler. Our newest wine cooler in the Signature range, this sleek and compelling copper wine cooler is minimalistic in design and eye catching in appearance.

A double-walled wine cooler, as with most in the Signature range, the copper wine cooler isn’t just about the looks – it also provides superior insulation, keeping your bottle of wine cold for up to seven hours! Although if your bottle is lasting that long we would say your doing it wrong!

top 10 trendy bar accessories


For the final five we thought we would focus on some of our fine cocktail ware:


6. Wedger for limes and lemons

Another incredibly convenient bar accessory is the Beaumont Wedger for lemons and limes. Bars rely on lemons for a number of drinks and for garnish. It’s nifty because you don’t have to waste time cutting lemon wedges by hand. The wedger allows you to make eight perfect lime or lemon wedges in no time at all—perfect for when you need to prepare Caipirinhas for lots of thirsty guests!

top 10 trendy bar accessories

7. Muddlers

Any bar that serves cocktails should have at least one muddler and if you don’t then why on earth are you serving cocktails!? Muddlers enhance the flavour of cocktails when bartenders use them to muddle fruits, herbs, and spices at the bottom of the cocktail glasses. If you’re going to be serving Mojitos, Caipirinhas, or Old Fashioned, you definitely need to invest in a muddler. We have a number of different muddlers on offer, from the traditional wooden to a more modern chrome and plastic mix:

top 10 trendy bar accessories

8. Mexican Elbow Lemon Squeezer

This lemon squeezer makes bartenders’ lives so much less challenging. The Mexican Elbow Lemon Squeezer prevents your hands from getting covered in lemon juice, it makes squeezing all the juice out of a lemon much more hassle free, and it prevents the lemon pips from falling into drinks. It also comes in this beautiful, sleek black finish. What more could you want?

top 10 trendy bar accesories

9. Cocktail shakers

We definitely offer the very best when it comes to cocktail shakers! Depending on your taste, you can choose between our charming copper shakers or our stunning stainless steel shakers. You can also choose between Art Deco style shakers and French style shakers. Our favourite has to be the newest addition to our cocktail shaker range however; the beautiful copper tin on tin cocktail shaker:

top 10 trendy bar accessories

10. Bar Blades

Each different bottle opening option fits a different style and a different need – those bars that expect to deal with a very high turnover of customers ordering bottled beers and ciders, for example, may opt for bar blades or the under counter catcher – rather than the Waiter’s Friend. After all every second counts on a busy night to ensure all customers are served in a timely manner.

Available from Beaumont in a 7 inch all stainless steel form as well as a 7 inch part black vinyl coated form, these bar blades are the best in the business when it comes to doing the job and going the distance. Their stainless steel make up ensures that they will not rust from the many liquids they are bound to come into contact with and stay strong during testing tasks.

top ten trendy bar accessories


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