The Beaumont TM Home Cocktail Kit

Here at Beaumont TM we like to think we have every cocktail eventuality covered. Up until now however, if you wanted a Beaumont cocktail kit for home, you would have to put it together yourself. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is no longer the case, the Beaumont 8 piece home cocktail kit has landed. Beaumont TM has long been renowned for delivering the best in cocktail and barware equipment to the industry and we are very happy to say you can now get everything you need cocktail wise in one easy to store tube.

home cocktail kit

Cocktails certainly took a backseat to wine and beer during the 90s and early 2000s, however the good stuff is back on top where it belongs. Apparently Millennials are big fans of cocktails due to an appreciation of the artisanship involved versus a simple beer or glass of wine.

Now where as you may find the most extravagant and interesting cocktails out on the town, this still involves going out of your house. Why would you want do a social thing like meeting friends for drinks when you can holed up in your living room with Netflix and a freshly made margarita? Besides being able to make a cocktail at home is a fine way to turn your favourite pastime into a good old fashioned hobby.

The Beaumont TM home cocktail kit has you covered on this front, with a plastic muddler, 2 stainless steel freeflow pourers, a 25/50ml jigger, a Hawthorne strainer, a stainless steel Boston can, Boston glass, and a cocktail spoon you literally have the entry level bartender cocktail kit at your fingertips – all that is missing is the ingredients – and the ice, don’t forget the ice!

home cocktail kit

The ice plays a big part in making a cocktail, diluting the mixture down to achieve that perfect balance of strength and quantity. There is nothing worse than a cocktail that is too short and too potent, or too long and too weak.

Don’t worry we even have you covered on the ‘what to make’ front! All of the cocktails we have suggested are classics and you will be happy to hear you now have all the tools you need to make them… You will find these on the outside of the Cocktail Kit tube:

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