Beaumont Supports the North East Culinary & Trade Association Young Mixologist of the Year

The North East Culinary and Trade Association (NECTA) Young Mixologist of the Year competition recently took place at the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead. NECTA are a non profit organisation to which students from colleges and universities in the North East battle it out in various competitions within the hospitality industry to win trophies, prizes and bragging rights. Beaumont were very happy to be supporting the Young Mixologist of the Year competition, supplying bar kits and cocktail shakers for the winner and the runners up.

It’s a fantastic event in which many students will have to partake in public speaking, presentations, as well as showing the bar skills they have been learning, to the general public. This year, the focus was on gin, in particular cold compounded gin. Each student in the competition were asked to create their own unique style of flavoured gin from a neutral grain spirit and then use that to make a cocktail of their choice.

They were judged on both the production and taste of their gin as well as how well they had then utilised that in the making of their cocktail. The level this year was particularly good, with some really beautiful end products and great tasting gins.

In 3rd place was Josh Flesher representing Leeds City College with his drink ‘Tea Ba Gum’. The rapid tea infusion he did for his drink was really well flavoured, the metal straw was an amazing touch also.


In 2nd place was James Oliver representing Newcastle College with his drink ‘Tyneside Cocktail’
He made the gin in a 3 part process to which it tastes incredible in its own. He then used the story of Al Capone and the prohibition era and recreated his version of the Southside.


In 1st place was Eric Farbar representing Newcastle College with his drink ‘Summer Collins’
He made a stunning 3 part infusion on the gin to which he explained at the final stage it didn’t taste good enough so he added more juniper to bring that gin alive. This demonstrated a huge level of confidence. He created an incredible fresh strawberry and rhubarb syrup to which he made a beautiful long drink. The subtle addition of soda water didn’t destroy the taste but only added to it. Overall a really well executed drink.

Beaumont TM were very pleased to sponsor the NECTA Young Mixologist of the Year and look forward to the next opportunity to work with the next generation of bartenders.

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