Where’s the furthest you have seen our Beaumont Spirit Measures?

Beaumont spirit measures

With globalisation came the new phenomenon of movement of products and services all over the world, no more so than our very own Beaumont spirit measures, which through our various exporters and distributors have found their way into all manner of places! We are fascinated by the variety and distance of  places Beaumont’s spirit measures turn up, considering our home is here in the UK.


As a result, we would love it if you could send in sightings you have of the good ol’ Beaumont spirit measure, on your travels around the globe. Please send your images and stories to info@beaumonttm.co.uk.


To date Beaumont spirit measures have been sighted in bars and restaurants in Iceland, Las Vegas, and South Africa to name but a few – but our favourite to date is this amazing, almost sci-fi, application of Beaumont spirit measures on two of the Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships – The Quantum of the Seas and the newest addition, and now largest cruise ship in the world – Harmony of the Seas.


Beaumont spirit measures


At 66 metres (217ft), it is the widest cruise ship ever built, while its 362m length makes it 50 metres longer than the height of the Eiffel Tower. The huge vessel, which cost close to $1bn to build, has 16 decks and will be able to carry 6,360 passengers and 2,100 crew members. Among the onboard attractions are “The Ultimate Abyss”, a 10-storey slide from the top deck to the main deck which RCCL bills as the world’s biggest ship-mounted waterslide.


However, the use of Beaumont spirit measures on these cruise ships isn’t our favourite application for the reasons you may be thinking. Royal Caribbean call it ‘The Bionic Bar’- we call it the future! Take a look at a fantastic video of the Bionic Bar in action below:


Please send any of your own sightings of Beaumont spirit measures to info@beaumonttm.co.uk and the one we judge to be the best will win a very special Beaumont TM prize!

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