Beaumont Barware Supply: What’s new for 2016

Here at Beaumont we have been in the business of barware supply, and more since 1979. Naturally with each year that passes we strive to introduce new, exciting, and useful products into our range – and 2016 is no exception. It is important to stay up to date on the latest market trends ensuring that your establishment only has the best, and most beautiful barware on show.

On the topic of beautiful barware, new for 2016, we have expanded our successful Mezclar range to include a number of new strainers, bar spoons, as well as the brand new ‘Preciso’ multi-measure jigger (pictured below).

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Copper has seen a resurgence in the last few years on the bar and restaurant scene, in particular in converted post-industrial hubs, such as Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, and parts of South & East London. To keep in line with this growing trend we have a range of new copper plated products, particularly in our Mezclar range where we have introduced copper plated french shakers, Moscow mule mugs, bar spoons, jiggers, and more – not forgetting the traditional julep strainer!

Further to our range of beautiful new barware, we also have a few new very useful additions, which could help further increase your speed of service and may even save you on glassware wastage. Our new rubber interlocking, and rubber bevelled edge floor matts are a must have behind any bar for a number of reasons. Pictured below in the European Bartender School training room, these rubber bounce matts will ensure any dropped glassware, glass bottle or anything else – will not break into many pieces when it hits the floor. These matts should help to curb wastage from such incidents but also ensure that when such incidents occur, the bar is back up and running within seconds – rather than minutes. Furthermore, these matts are very intelligent and classed as ‘anti-fatigue’, meaning that those long shifts behind the bar aren’t as tiring as they could be!

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Another useful product that could certainly help with service efficiency is the new lemon and lime wedger. This fantastic little gizmo will turn one whole lime into 8, perfectly proportioned wedges in a matter of seconds! Fast and convenient, our new lemon and lime wedger is the perfect addition to any bar. Made from high quality plastics, the wedger is heavy duty and robust, as well as being smooth and easy to clean.

barware supply


We have a variety of fresh new products for 2016, including a fantastic new stainless steel zester and canale cutter, for a more in depth look at all of our new products for 2016 please visit our ‘Latest Products‘ page.


In addition to new products throughout our range we have also lowered a number of our individual prices, furthermore our high stock levels allow us to dispatch over 95% of orders on the same day. For any order over £100 carriage remains free, and for any order under that amount carriage is only charged at £8.95. With a huge range of beautifully unique barware supply and everything in between, some of the best prices in the industry, and same day dispatch – there are still plenty of benefits to ordering with Beaumont.


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