“Be Quick, But Don’t Hurry” Speed Rails: Do You Need Them?

Lots of the most gorgeous bars out there are not built for purpose. Whether it’s because there’s not enough room to store all of your drinks in an accessible way, because your menu has grown so much over the years, or because the volume of customers you’re seeing has increased – it’s not always easy to negotiate your space and make everyone happy with speedy service.

But don’t worry! You don’t need to knock it all down and start again! Speed Rails are the bolt-on fix to your service woes! When buying speed rails from Beaumont you know they’ll be high quality, and all are designed with a few essential considerations…


Let’s start with the obvious one. You may have plenty of space behind the back bar, but it’s just distributed in the wrong way so that staff can not access the things they need most often, quickly enough. Often when designing the layout of a bar people start with the space itself rather than thinking ahead to what a service is going to be like. And, you can be forgiven for this, as it’s not always clear until you get into those busy nights. If you’ve identified what needs to be accessible, and where, installing a speed rail close to the bartenders who need it is a quick fix to making their life (and the lives of your customers) a whole lot smoother.


On the other hand, you may be struggling for space. We can’t all have unlimited room for wall-mounted bottles or massive back bars loaded with ingredients. Speed rails could be a saving grace for you, as they are easily installed around what you already have in place, and come in a range of sizes that are very adaptable to whatever you’re working with – tucking away nicely so you can house all the bottles you need to, and still have plenty of space to move freely.

Efficient Design

As it’s Beaumont, you know it’ll be well-designed and very reliable. Speed is all about easy access – but not at all costs! You do not want your bottles to be easy to knock out, especially when bartenders are working quickly in tight spaces. So, our speed rails are very easy to access by pulling bottles out of the top, but they also have high sides that lessen the risk of any accidents. Add to that a completely stainless steel body and you have an efficient, hygienic solution, that doesn’t just speed up service but also speeds up the cleaning down process – something your staff are bound to thank you for!

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