Batched Bartending

Batched bartending is especially beneficial during peak hours, events, or in settings where quick service is essential. But it shouldn’t just be about saving time; it’s about elevating the cocktail experience for every guest, without sacrificing the quality and complexity of the drink. The best batched cocktails combine precision with creativity. Here are some tips for getting it right.

Precise Measurements

It can be tempting to be more relaxed when making batched cocktails, but every ingredient must be measured with accuracy to maintain the balance and flavour profile intended in the original recipe. Scale recipes carefully with jiggers, thimble measures, and spirit measures to ensure consistency.

Quality Ingredients

Never compromise on the quality of ingredients when batching cocktails. The freshness of juices, the purity of spirits, and the quality of syrups and bitters play a crucial role in the final taste of the drink. High-quality ingredients also ensure an extended shelf life for your batched creations.

Perfect Dilution

One of the most critical aspects in the art of mixology is dilution which is usually achieved through shaking or stirring with ice. When batching, you need to anticipate and control dilution since the drinks won’t be individually iced. Calculate the necessary water addition (usually around 20-25% of the cocktail’s volume) and experiment with different ice shapes and sizes to achieve the desired balance and texture.

Ice Cube Trays

Correct Storage

Proper storage is vital for maintaining the freshness and integrity of your batched cocktails. Use sealed containers, preferably glass, and store in a fridge or freezer. Labelling is also crucial. Note the cocktail name, ingredients, batch date, and any specific serving instructions to ensure consistency.

Garnish Picks


Garnishes affect aroma, flavour, and visual appeal. Even though batched cocktails are pre-made, always add fresh garnishes upon serving. This touch ensures that each drink feels as if it was just put together.

Garnish Tweezers


Batched cocktails can often be forgettable. Whilst the classics done well will always be a hit, experiment with infusions or incorporating unusual ingredients. The batched process allows for these elements to meld together over time, creating a more cohesive and rounded flavour.


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