The floor mats that could save your pocket and your staff…

(Image above: Beaumont TM bevelled mats in use for cocktail bar from Ace Bar Events)

Perfect for the flair bartending practice room, bar schools all around the world, or lining the floor behind your bar, our rubber floor mats can be very useful. When it comes to bar schools, the European Bartender Schools already employ these mats on a huge scale, covering the floors and even parts of the walls of entire rooms to ensure that everything that is inevitably dropped, bounces right back up again with no damage to the building, implement, or person! It is not all about protecting your barware and glassware though – as we will get on to later in this short blog, these smart floor mats are also rated as anti-fatigue.

Dropped glassware, glass bottles and more are part and parcel of any bar – be it a stand alone bar, in a restaurant, hotel or elsewhere. And of course being British, we all know what inevitably follows the sound of a smashed glass….”Wheeyyyy!”. We can’t explain that one, although we can tell you that having these mats lining the floor of your back of house will stop that happening. As we know, setting the ambience in a restaurant can be key and the sound of clanging metal or smashed glass can break that hard built ambience in a second.

Single interlocking mat

Safety and wastage

Furthermore, the mats provide some real safety and efficiency bonuses for behind the bar. The obvious one is the savings on wastage. Glassware costs a little, but smashed bottles (especially when they are full of liquor) can cost a lot, especially when you take into account retail value. As we said previously, everything dropped on these mats will just bounce around, instead of shattering into many pieces and dousing the floor in sticky rum. This is where the safety and efficiency bonuses come in. Bouncing means no smash, no smash means no shattered glass knocking about getting stuck in your bartenders feet, or ending up in one of your stacked glasses on the glass shelf – which can easily end up being served to a customer. In short floor mats could save you a damaging lawsuit!

Two interlocking mats

In all seriousness, when a bar is three person deep busy – your bartenders are inevitably rushing around. This is when the accidents happen. We know that the rubber floor mats could stop the accident happening altogether however they also avoid that annoying and sometimes service stopping clean up. Who knows how many customers will wander off and head to the next place, frustrated by having to wait even longer for their drinks.

Bevelled mat


There are even significant benefits on hand for your staff by having these mats installed. Classed as ‘anti-fatigue’ these mats are manufactured in a very intelligent way, using a firm but bouncy rubber that means that the floor is significantly easier to walk on over long periods of time. Bartenders are more often than not working long, continuous shifts, this will ensure there morale and energy levels are kept high. Anyone who has worked as bartender will tell you, it is your feet – not your hands – that can become your worst enemy behind a busy bar.

These smart floor mats are available in an interlocking or bevelled form. So all that is left to decide is which kind of mat you need and how many. The bevelled mat comes in at 150 cm long x 90 cm wide. The interlocking version come in slightly smaller and in a square shape at 90 cm x 90 cm.


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