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There is something inherently classic about copper barware, perhaps it’s the nostalgia of the industrial period when copper was often used so widely. We don’t know for certain but what we do know is copper barware has a unique style. One of the great things about copper is that it can work with many different interior styles and themes, from colonial to industrial. Eclectic to rustic. And if there is one reason many bar owners and managers opt for a style of barware, it is usually to ensure it looks good with the decor or fits the theme and style of the bar.

Furthermore, all of our copper barware is expertly plated. Effectively this means that you can use your copper cocktail shaker, or copper bar spoon as you would any other. Unlike many other copper barware products on the market, ours are not hand wash only. Ensuring you can spend more time on your customers and less time at the sink washing up your barware.

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

We have two exceptional copper Moscow Mule mugs for you to choose from. One in a more standard style with a semi circular handle and our slightly more flamboyant ballooned mug with a brass handle.You can’t go wrong serving a hot toddy cocktail or a crushed ice caipirinha out of these!

Copper Cocktail Shakers

From the weighted copper boston tin-on-tin cocktail shaker (above) to the slightly more extravagant art deco cocktail shaker and the classic french cocktail shaker – there are more than a few options when it comes to your copper plated cocktail shaker. From modern style to classic elegance, which style of shaker will your bar opt for?

Copper cocktail accessories

From pourers to cocktail spoons, strainers to jiggers – this section covers all of the smaller copper cocktail accessories that will look perfect alongside the cocktail shakers, and Moscow mule mugs. Starting with the spoons, each of which has a slightly different end depending on what you need it for:

Next we move on to the strainers. Between the classical julep strainer and the more modern round strainer, you are bound to find a cocktail strainer that works for your bar.

And not forgetting the pourer and the jigger. It really creates a special look on a back bar when you have a large number of bottles all with the copper plated pourer in the top. On the other hand, the jigger although not government stamped, provides that perfect finishing touch to your front bar. With a 25ml bowl on one side and 50ml (with an internal 35ml marking) on the other it is the perfect cocktail companion. All your missing now is your copper napkin holders

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