All the barware essentials you need for the banqueting season

As pubs, restaurants, hotels and other drinking and dining establishments across the country will know – it is coming up to one of the busiest periods of the year, banqueting season. The Christmas parties and seasonal gatherings start in November and it is non stop until the new year, when you have a whole new kettle of fish to prepare for! Don’t you just love the Christmas season!?

For us this time of year represents a time when we can be inundated with urgent, last minute requests! And in our own little world we like to think of Beaumont TM as the Santa Claus of the service industry. Minus the big red coat, beard and gifts – actually where were we going with this Santa Claus analogy.

Ah, that’s right, because our warehouses are stocked like Santa’s workshop! We always make sure to have some of our highest stock levels at this time of year to ensure we can meet all manner of last minute requests. After all it is the most important time of the year. With the best prices, the widest range of barware, next day delivery, and free carriage on orders over £100 (UK Only) – we have you covered. We like to make sure you have everything you need, here are few barware essentials just in case:

barware essentials

Optic Measures

Every few years your spirit measures need a bit of TLC. Optic measures are crucial for anyone who is looking to reduce waste and to save money. By measuring out the precise amount of liquor needed for a drink, the optic measure ensures that each drink is perfectly balanced—not too weak, and not too strong. Not to mention you will stop those pesky over-pourers dead in their tracks! For the world’s best spirit measures, look no further…

Wine & Champagne Coolers

Food and alcohol certainly seem to be two of the most popular pastimes for people at Christmas, and yes we realise these two things wouldn’t usually be considered pastimes at all… New Year’s celebrations are also just after Xmas and once again traditionally involves a fair amount of alcohol. To be precise alcohol of the ‘celebrating-kind’.

This is where our vast range of champagne coolers, wine coolers, champagne buckets, stands and wine bottle re-sealers come in a treat. Our Signature range encompasses design and functionality, made from high grade stainless steel, our coolers appear very sophisticated yet remain affordable. The coolers and ice buckets will keep your champagne, buck’s-fizz or prossecco cool from Christmas to New Year, whereas our wine bottle re-sealers will ensure that you do not waste a drop of ‘the nectar of the gods’.


Ashtrays & Ashbins

An ashbin is a great way of providing a central point or a few central points for smokers to congregate around and put their stubs out in. Especially at this time of year smokers will gather in one area to huddle and keep warmth – it’s true, we saw it on the Wildlife Channel. Ashbins aren’t aesthetically right for every establishment and for some places the ashtray approach could be more suitable. For example, if you are a pub with a number of benches or picnic tables in a garden then the ashtray approach would probably be more suitable – ensuring that every table or every other table has a receptacle for disposing of ugly and smelly cigarette butts.


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