A little light reading trivia…

This week we have a little bit of industry and Beaumont TM trivia for you! From why we didn’t used to be able to call a spirit measure an optic to our longest serving employee, some of the popular drinks trends for 2019 to our previous premier league owners . After all who doesn’t love a bit of ‘Did you know’ trivia!?

Did you know…

  • There are over 39,000 food & drink establishments in London alone
  • We have 139 variations of optics on our system (sizes, colours, materials)
  • Continuing the optic trend, ‘optic’ is a term we can all freely use – although there was a time when one company had the term trademarked
  • We cannot remember why we called the “Metrix” optic the “Metrix” but most people call it the “Matrix”
  • On that note. It’s Booker not Bookers and Nisbets, not Nesbits!
  • Our longest serving employee has been with us for 30 years – that’s what we call loyalty.
  • That’s nearly as long as Beaumont has been around, we are 40 this year – can you believe it!? (this is the part where you say no, you don’t look anywhere near 40)
  • The number 40 is also how many countries we export to around the world.


  • The revenue in the food and beverage sector as of April 2019 in the UK amounted to £10,386 million!
  • By 2023 this figure is expected to grow to £13,918 million! (statista)
  • Once upon a time we were owned by Bolton Wanderers FC – luckily we have fared a little better than they have in the football league since then.
  • Low and no-alcohol drinks are showing the highest growth of any type of drink, closely followed by Rum. 43 million pints of non-alcoholic beer were sold in 2018, the highest yet!
  • We used to be called PSV (and some of you still call us that!)
  • We sold 19,926,000 wooden cocktail sticks last year – that’s a lot of cocktails!
  • One of our past employees had close links to the Kray twins (and we can still make the call if we need too…)
  • On the note of employees, our MD once came 3rd in the ‘Going Live Young Drummer of the Year’ (it must have been a while ago…)

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