A classic, updated for the modern era: The Soda Syphon

There is something about the classic Soda Syphon that still makes it King even amongst more modern designs. Sometimes the original look is the best. The large glass canister with the mesh exterior and stainless steel fixtures is iconic and it is certainly more appealing that having your soda pumped out of a red plastic soda gun.

Although the Beaumont TM Soda Syphon may lack in the efficiency of the typical soda stream, it more than makes up for it with style and craft. Two features in high demand in bars across the land at the moment. The Soda Syphon is perfect for bars who like to focus more on the craft and creation of the drink or providing a unique service. Particularly if you are a bar that is themed on an era of the past, the Beaumont TM Soda Syphon is a modern version of the original classic.

soda siphon

A simple but elegant design, the Soda Syphon is made up of a large 1 litre glass chamber with an exterior aluminium mesh for added structure and protection. The main body of the Soda Syphon is then attached to a number of stainless steel and plastic fixtures that entail the lever and nozzle for dispensing as well as the cartridge chamber for loading the C02. Albeit cartridges are not included with the Soda Syphon, these need to be purchased separately.

The Soda Syphon can be prepped in less than a minute. In order to create 1 litre of soda all you need do is screw off the top and fill the glass chamber up to the red line with water. Screw the top back on and then proceed to unscrew the cartridge chamber. Take your C02 cartridge and place it into the cartridge chamber screwing the chamber back into place. You should hear a short burst of gas as the C02 from the canister is emptied into the glass chamber.

soda siphon

Your soda will now be ready to go and all it cost you was a bit of tap water and a C02 canister. For optimum effervescence we advise putting your Soda Syphon in the fridge for 2-3 hours after you have added the C02 canister. This is where having two or three Soda Syphons on the go can be a good strategy, so as one comes out the fridge for use – another goes in..

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