A classic, measured pourer with a difference

With an air of a 1950s airstream about it, the chrome-covered Aquaflow Pourer is a real eye-catcher. It conjures up visions of simpler times. A time when almost anything worth having was made of wood or metal rather than plastic or some form of biomass and, as a result, invokes connotations of old-fashioned charm.

There is one thing for certain, this pourer is particularly unique in its aesthetic and it looks even better after a good polish! Although it may look rather nostalgic, inside it is anything but.

Technically it is a measured pourer. Therefore when poured it will measure exactly 25ml of liquid and dispense it. The pourer will then refill automatically without needing to tip the bottle back after each use! No need for any form of priming, the Aquaflow Pourer is plug and play.

Not only precise and stylish, the chrome-plated Aquaflow Pourer is also resilient and designed to meet the rigorous demands of bars, pubs and other establishments. If you have a number of staff in training, or you just don’t trust your bartenders not to get carried away with freepouring – a pourer like the Aquaflow is the perfect solution.

The pourer will fit standard bottles and a high-quality rubber fin cork prevents spillages ensuring a tight fit in the neck of the bottle, but not so tight that removing the pourer requires a background in weightlifting!

Available in 50, 35, and 25ml NGS. To find out more about the Aquaflow Pourer, visit the product page here: https://beaumonttm.co.uk/product-category/pouring/measured/aquaflow/


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