5 perfect G&T recipes for the British Summer

A British Summer can mean a few things. It could mean a beautifully hot sunny day, and it could just as easily mean an overcast and rainy sky… Whatever the weather, the G&T has served us Brits well and continues to do so as we enter, what we hope will be, the long summer of 2021. Whether the weather holds out or not, we know people will be making the most of it, eeking out every opportunity to soak up the sun in beer gardens up and down the country or the patios and seating areas of the bars and cafes.

With rubarb gins and pink gins, cucumber gins and sloe gins there are a huge number of gin variations to choose from – and we haven’t even got to the tonics yet. Seeing as National Gin and Tonic Day just passed we have put together a list of 5 perfect gin and tonic recipes for you to try, as well as all the tools you will need to make them!

Our recommended gin and tonic serve is in a Latin style copa glass with a stem and a wide mouth, filled with ice, although a wine glass or a nice long glass will also do the trick.


Gin & Tonic Recipe #1: Posh G&T

Take a vibrant, citrussy gin and add a bar spoon of sweet vermouth. Add two dashes of peach bitters, top with tonic and garnish with a generous handful of luscious seasonal berries. Stir thoroughly.

Tools: G&T Spoon, spirit measure, bitters bottle, serving glass and ice.

perfect gin and tonic

Gin & Tonic Recipe #2: Too Cool

Use a gin with fresh cucumber notes and pair with an elderflower flavoured tonic then garnish with long ribbons of cucumber and a sprig of mint. Stir thoroughly.

Tools: G&T Spoon, spirit measure, serving glass and ice.

gin and tonic ratio

Gin & Tonic Recipe #3: The Parisian

Take a herbal gin and pour a bar spoon of elderflower liqueur in. Add equal parts tonic water and champagne, garnish with a slapped sage leaf or two and a lemon wedge.

Tools: G&T Spoon, spirit measure, serving glass and ice.

Gin & Tonic Recipe #4: Guilty Pleasure

Pour a herbal-style gin and grab a few leaves of fresh mint, slap them and drop them in. Pop in two dashes of mint bitters and a bar spoon of chocolate liqueur. Introduce the tonic then garnish with a few sprigs of mint and some luxurious grated dark chocolate.

Tools: G&T Spoon, spirit measure, bitters bottle, nutmeg grater, serving glass and ice.


Gin & Tonic Recipe #5: Sloe Down

Sloe gin combines ridiculously well with lemon tonic, flirt with a zest of lemon over the glass and drop it in.

Tools: G&T Spoon, spirit measure, canale cutter, serving glass and ice.

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