2023: The Year of Sophistication?

According to the Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report, 2023 is due to be the year of “Sophisticated Sips”. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to put mini top hats on your garnishes! But you might want to add a few upmarket treasures to your shelves…

This year, the drive towards “premiumization” rolls on. The most widespread consequence of this has been the upturn in demand for premium ingredients, with 28% of respondents in the UK saying they’re drinking more premium spirits and liquors.

But why is this happening? According to the report: “At times of crisis, high-quality creations represent an achievable means of treating oneself and a form of escapism.” In practice, this means that bartenders can expect to be making simpler serves which let the high-quality ingredients do the talking.

The order of the day (or the year in this case) is minimalistic luxury! So, top-hat garnishes are firmly out then! But, when it comes to sophistication, high-quality ingredients are only half the story. Sophistication is also about style!

Just as with cocktails themselves, sophistication in barware is all about carrying off trusted classics, with high-quality ingredients (or materials), and simple, classy recipes (or designs).

With all of this taken into account, 2023 could be the year of the Mezclar range from Beaumont. Handpicked for quality, style, sophistication and elegance, our Mezclar Cocktail Range provides a full complement of cocktail barware tied together by premium quality.

Our Copper and Antique Brass items provide a warming aesthetic twist on Beaumont’s effortlessly classic barware. Sophisticated minimalism is tough to pull off without the tools to match, and these premium pieces will help you build a sense of refinement and style from the ground up.

We know that mixologists are always looking for style to match practicality, and we strive to deliver barware which empowers you to bring enhanced flavour and a sense of theatre all at the same time. With Beaumont, you can meet the growing demand for simple sophistication from shake to serve.


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